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Being charged with a crime can be a scary experience. Read more about what to expect in a criminal case. I give an overview of each stage from arraignment to trial.

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Client Testimonials

Josh was my attorney on my 2nd DUI.  I wish I would have hired him on my 1st.  It was a horrible ordeal but Josh was with me through it all. He is very personable and I felt comfortable with him every step of the way.   He got me a better deal on my 2nd DUI than my original lawyer got me on my first one.  I wouldn’t think of hiring anybody else.

Sandra, DUI Client


Josh represented me for a DUI.  It was the first time I had been charged with any crime. He charged me less than half of what another attorney quoted me.  In less than a month he had my case resolved.  I spent no time in jail and only had to pay a $500 fine. I strongly recommend him.

Tony, DUI Client

I hired Josh as my lawyer when I got charged with assault.  Josh was very professional and the Judge and prosecutor clearly knew who he was and respected him.   I was innocent and Josh was the only person who believed me.  He fought hard for me and eventually got the charge thrown out of court.

Aaron, a Domestic Violence Client


Josh is the best lawyer in Spokane.  He fought hard to get me a good deal and kept me informed during the process.  He saved my license from getting suspended and wouldn’t take no for an answer when he dealt with the prosecutor.  During my trial Josh was amazing and proved to the jury the cop was lying and had screwed up.  I was found not guilty.  I recommend him to anyone charged with a DUI.

Dennis, DUI Client


I was given Josh’s business card by a friend.  One night I got my car stuck in the snow and cops came to the scene.   I had a few beers with friends beforehand and one of the cops asked me to do some tests.  I told them I wanted to call a lawyer first and they let me call Josh.  As soon as I got off of the phone I told them that Josh was on his way to the scene.  The cops told me that wasn’t necessary and let me go.  That is what I call clout. They didn’t want anything to do with Josh coming to the scene.

Nick, Almost a DUI Client