What's next?

Being charged with a crime can be a scary experience. Read more about what to expect in a criminal case. I give an overview of each stage from arraignment to trial.

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What Now?

What Now?

Go to Your Arraignment/ First Appearance

If you have been arrested for DUI you will be given a court date for a first appearance and arraignment, this is typically held the next afternoon. If you can hire an attorney prior to this hearing it can be very helpful.  At the arraignment, the Judge will listen to the police report to determine whether there is probable cause to let the case go forward. This is a low level determination and does not determine your guilt or innocence.

The judge will also ask you for a plea of guilty or not guilty. Most times the correct plea is “not guilty” this preserves your rights and allows an attorney to fight the charge.  If you are unsure about how to plead, ask for a continuance and hire a lawyer.

Request a DoL Hearing
The Department of Licensing will suspend your license unless you request a hearing. You must make this request within 20 days of the date of arrest or notification. I tell all of my clients to request the hearing. If you don’t your license will definitely be suspended, regardless of whether or not you have defenses.

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DUIs are very serious charges. You need to have a lawyer to help you. Call my office or fill out the form under “click here to get help” and we can set up a time for a free initial consultation. At that meeting I will go over your case with you and give you a realistic idea of what you can expect.