What's next?

Being charged with a crime can be a scary experience. Read more about what to expect in a criminal case. I give an overview of each stage from arraignment to trial.

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What To Do Now?

You must respond to a ticket within 15 days of being cited. On the back of the ticket there are 3 boxes: 1. Pay the fine; 2. Ask to mitigate (reduce) the fine; 3. Ask for a contested hearing.  With the first two options you admit to committing the infraction and are paying the fine. If you want to fight the ticket and try to keep your insurance rates down, you must choose the third option. Asking for a contested hearing preserves your rights and allows us to fight the ticket. First, we try to get all speeding tickets dismissed; if it can’t be dismissed we work to have it reduced to a non-moving violation.  Our attorneys handle speeding/traffic tickets in Spokane, Spokane County, Cheney, Airway Heights and Deer Park. Call now to see how we can help with your ticket. (509) 774.2974